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At iisproxy.net, we recognize the essential need for unfettered internet access in today’s interconnected society. Our goal is to supply you with strong and dependable proxy solutions, guaranteeing a seamless and secure online experience. Whether you are a business professional, a digital marketer, or someone in search of unrestricted internet access, we offer the necessary tools to fulfill your requirements.

Our Services – Varied, Dependable, and User-Friendly

Global Proxy Network: Leverage our wide-ranging network of proxies located in numerous countries worldwide. Effortlessly access geo-restricted content, no matter where you are situated.

High-Speed Connections: Speed is non-negotiable for us. Our cutting-edge infrastructure ensures your internet connection is fast and steady, making for a smooth browsing experience.

Advanced Security Features: We place a premium on security. Our proxies provide an added layer of internet safety, safeguarding your personal and professional information from unauthorized access.

Customized Solutions for Businesses: Our expertise lies in creating bespoke proxy solutions tailored to the specific requirements of businesses. Improve your market research, SEO efforts, and competitive analysis with our specialized proxies.

24/7 Customer Support: Our knowledgeable team is available around the clock to support you. Whether you need assistance selecting the ideal proxy or require technical help, we are just a call or click away.

Why Choose iisproxy.net?

Experience and Expertise: With extensive experience in the proxy industry, we’ve refined our offerings to provide top-tier proxy solutions.

Customer-Focused Approach: We are committed to forging lasting connections with our clients. Your contentment drives our success.

Cost-Effective and Flexible Plans: Our pricing structures are designed for maximum affordability and value. Select from a variety of plans to match your specific needs and budget.

Simple Setup and Management: Begin with ease using our straightforward user interface, designed for effortless setup and management.


Joost Mulders

Joost Mulders

As a Senior Consultant at Proxy Services B.V., I help clients design, implement, and optimize their cloud infrastructure using Azure technologies and best practices. I have over 8 years of experience in cloud solutions architecture, with a strong background in enterprise IT infrastructure, including Unix/Linux/Windows, storage, networking, and business continuity.

Lukas Beran

I work as a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant at the Detection and Response Team (DART), a specialized unit within a leading cybersecurity firm. In this role, I am responsible for overseeing complex security investigations, coordinating with various stakeholders to respond to advanced cyber threats, and developing comprehensive incident response strategies.

Ramzy El-Masry

With over 15 years of experience in network and information security, I am a Senior Cybersecurity Specialist, skilled in designing and implementing robust security frameworks. My expertise encompasses threat analysis, system security architectures, and the development of effective security policies and procedures.

Our Review Methodology

Mission and Strategy

Our goal is to deliver thorough and impartial evaluations of proxy services. We adhere to a detailed protocol that includes the procurement, setup, and extensive examination of various proxies. Here is a detailed overview of our approach:

Procurement and Configuration of Proxies

Our initial step involves securing proxies from several esteemed suppliers. Our process is clear-cut: acquire, configure, and assess these proxies under consistent conditions. To guarantee objectivity and precision, all proxies are initialized on identical PCs and networks, thereby removing any variances related to hardware or internet differences.

Speed Analysis

The efficiency of a proxy is pivotal. A proxy with high security but poor speed performance is less desirable when it comes to loading or transferring data. We conduct extensive speed tests utilizing the speedtest.net platform to detect any noticeable delays in internet access.

Analysis of Speed and Response Time

In addition to basic speed evaluations, we benchmark the proxy speeds against our direct internet connection. This comparison aids us in identifying the quickest proxy provider.

Evaluation of Web Scraping Capabilities

Recognizing the significance of residential proxies for web scraping, we test them in actual scraping scenarios. This examination is crucial for tasks that involve circumventing IP blocks to gather data.

Efficiency in Web Scraping

Furthermore, we measure each proxy’s efficiency in managing demanding scraping operations.

IP Anonymity Verification

An essential part of our analysis is confirming that the proxies provide strong anonymity and do not reveal the user’s actual IP address. We conduct tests for IP leaks and other security vulnerabilities.

Policy and Jurisdiction Scrutiny

We thoroughly review the logging policies of each proxy provider and research their jurisdiction. This scrutiny assists us in understanding their dedication to user privacy and adherence to data protection regulations.

Customer Support Assessment

Evaluating the customer support’s responsiveness and helpfulness is crucial. We test how quickly and effectively the proxy providers’ support teams address technical issues.

Analysis of Customer Support Efficiency

This involves measuring the timeliness and quality of the support provided.

Value for Money Comparison

The worth of a service is not just determined by its cost. We analyze the expense relative to the quality of service offered. Our aim is to find proxies that provide optimal value without compromising on privacy.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Ranking

We assign scores to each proxy service based on its test results. These scores are used to compile detailed reviews and rankings, providing clear guidance.

Continuous Updates and Re-assessments

Acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of proxy services, we understand that providers might enhance or diminish in quality over time. Therefore, we consistently revisit and revise our reviews to accurately represent the current performance of these services.

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