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Updated February 10, 2024

A proxy server functions as an intermediary between your personal computer and the vastness on the Internet. This essential technology lets you surf the web under the guise de-identified, concealing your IP address and protecting your digital identity. By redirecting your online traffic by using this proxy server, your actual location is masked, allowing you to appear to be accessing the internet from a different location. This not only secures your privacy, but it will also provide new options to surf the web without direct exposure to potential online security threats.

Why You Might Want To Buy A Proxy

Proxies aren’t just techniques; they are used to fulfill crucial duties for individuals as well as for organizations. From improving online privacy and security, to accessing content that may be restricted in some geographic regions The usage of proxies is widely used. Businesses make use of proxies in order to improve its market analysis capabilities and manage social media accounts and avoid triggering security alarms. For tasks that require a lot of data, such as web scraping, they are indispensable tools that aid in being able to escape IP bans while ensuring uninterrupted data collection. In addition, proxies are a boon for digital marketing efforts, providing seamless management of numerous accounts on the web and offering unlimited access to worldwide content.

The different types of proxy services explained

Navigating the world of proxies begins with understanding the variety that are available. Each proxy has its own distinct purpose and offers different advantages.

Residential Vs. The Data Center’s Proxies

The dichotomy between residential and data center proxies is in their genesis and credibility. The residential proxies originate from Internet service providers. They are mapped to real residential addresses, giving them the appearance of genuine users within specific areas. Their authenticity helps them to be blocked or flagged by websites. As opposed to data centers, proxy certificates are produced in large volumes in data centers. They offer incredible speed but aren’t as legitimate as residential proxies. Therefore, they are more vulnerable to being detected and blacklisted by strict web services.

Shared vs. dedicated Proxies

When you’re deciding between shared or dedicated proxies be sure to consider your needs for speed, security, privacy and exclusivity. Sharing proxies have a positive economic value as they are shared by multiple users, which can lead to slower speeds, and could also pose security issues. Private proxies, or dedicated proxy servers give one user exclusive access to a specific IP address, ensuring the highest speed and security. This exclusivity makes them particularly ideal for delicate tasks that require an uncompromising level of security and security.

HTTP vs. HTTPS vs. SOCKS Proxies

When we dig deeper, we find HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKSproxies. All are specifically designed for various internet protocols. HTTP Proxy services are specifically designed for web browsing but, since they are not encrypted they have less security. HTTPS proxies are superior by encrypting data to ensure secure and private browsing. SOCKS proxy proxies, the most versatile, support various types of traffic that go beyond web browsing, like email, FTP, and P2P networks. These provide flexibility for the wide variety of online activities.

Benefits of using Taco Proxy Iisproxy

Enhancing the security of online sites and Privacy

One of the main benefits of using proxy servers is the substantial improvement in online security and privacy. They function as a buffer between your devices and websites that you visit, masking your IP address and encrypting your personal information. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers to steal your personal data or track your internet activities. Particularly now that the privacy of your online activities is at a record high proxy servers provide a stronghold of security and anonymity, shielding you from the prying scrutiny of hackers as well as intrusive websites.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions as well as Censorship

The internet, though vast and diversity, is divided by geo-restrictions and censorship, limiting access to content and information according to the geographical location you reside in. However, proxies offer the ability for users to get around these limitations using a routed internet connection through servers situated in various regions of the world. No matter if you’re trying to access streaming services that aren’t accessible in your location or access information that’s been blocked by the government’s censorship Proxies provide access to unrestricted internet access.

Improved Internet Connection Speed and Reliability

Beyond privacy and access, proxies can also enhance speeds and reliability. Certain proxy providers cache information from frequently visited websites which reduce load times while reducing bandwidth. The caching system can vastly improve the speed of your internet browsing, especially for websites that you visit regularly. Moreover, by providing alternative route options, proxy services can assist in reducing internet traffic providing a more smooth and more reliable connection even during the peak times of usage.

Scraping Data without getting blocked This is Taco Proxy – Iisproxy

Data scraping is a crucial procedure for many companies as it enables them to gather valuable information on the internet. However, this method often creates defensive mechanisms on websites, leading to IP bans. Taco Proxy are an essential tool for the data scraper’s arsenal that lets them change IP addresses and mimic the behavior of a variety of users from various locations. This considerably reduces the probability of being blocked and detected which ensures the continual flow of data to be analysed and making decisions.

Manage Multiple Accounts with Security

In the digital world of today, managing multiple online accounts is a standard practice to both individuals and companies. Whatever the purpose, be it social media management and e-commerce, or even digital marketing, proxies are an unsecure environment to manage many accounts. By assigning different IP addresses to each account they will not be able to detect unusual activity which could trigger accounts being restricted or even banned. This is particularly helpful for companies that depend on large online presence and interaction by allowing them the ability to work seamlessly across platforms without any compromise in security.

How to Choose the Right Proxy Provider

The right proxy provider is a decision that involves careful consideration of numerous critical factors:

Reliability and Uptime

The core of a great proxy company is their dependability and the guarantee of continuous uptime. In the constantly changing world connected to the web where the requirements for access can be continuous and instantaneous, choosing a provider that guarantees that your proxies will be operational is a must. Search for services that have proven experience of high uptime rates, ensuring the internet is not compromised by unexpected downtimes.

Security and Anonymity Features

Anonymity and security are the main features of a good proxy. Examine potential proxy providers based at the quality of privacy their proxies offer and the quality of their security features. The test includes determining if proxies are fully anonymous or if they have support for HTTPS encryption, as well as the practices of the service provider in logging user activities. Ensuring that your chosen provider will place a significant value on those aspects will secure your online transactions from surveillance as well as data breaches.

Bandwidth Limits and Speed Limits

The speed at how a proxy can process your Internet requests, and any related bandwidth limitations are essential considerations, especially for tasks that require a significant amount of data. Providers vary in terms of speed and bandwidth they provide in addition to having some limits that could hinder your internet activities. Evaluate your needs and pick an option that gives you enough bandwidth and speed so that you can use the internet without throttling, or any additional costs.

Size of the Proxy Pool and Rotation Options

A large and diverse pool of IP addresses, coupled with flexible policies for rotation, can dramatically improve the effectiveness and reliability the efficiency and reliability of your proxy transactions. A large pool ensures the possibility of having a broad range of geographical locations and IP types, making it more difficult for service providers to discern and block your use. Providers that have customizable rotating settings let you have control over the frequency at which your IP address is changed providing more granular management of the online profile you have.

The importance of Customer Support and Service and Guarantees

The complex world of proxy usage can sometimes require assistance, making customer support an indispensable source. Choose proxies that provide the full range of support available through various channels, which means that support is available at any time you run into issues. Furthermore, clear guaranteeing regarding uptime, performance, and refund policy provide a guarantee that your investment in proxy servers is protected from unsatisfactory service.

Pricing Models

The cost of proxy service can be very different, as determined with the form of proxies and the amount of use, and additional features. Knowing the various pricing models will assist you in making an informed choice that is in line with your budget requirements and financial goals.

Pay-As-You-Go vs. Subscription Models

Proxy providers generally offer two major pricing models including subscription and pay-asвАУyou-go models. The pay-as-you-go option allows for flexibility in the purchase of proxy services in line with your present demands without needing to commit to long-term payments. Subscription models, on alternative, provide continual access to proxy service for a regular fee, often leading to savings for users with a constant need for proxy. Evaluate your usage patterns and pick the model that offers the best balance between costs and ease of use.

The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of bulk buying

When a user requires a substantial amount of proxies, a number of providers offer discounts for large-scale purchases. This can dramatically reduce the cost per proxy and result in better value for those who use a lot of. Take into consideration your long-term requirements and research bulk purchasing options to maximize your investment on proxy services.

How to Setup Your Proxy

The Step-by.-Step Guide to Configuring your Proxy

Setting up a proxy requires different steps that are customized to your specific setting for your browser or app. Generally, this includes entering an IP address of the server as well as port number into your device’s internet or network settings. Every software or platform will possess its own specific approach to setting up proxy settings, so check either the documentation or support resource of the proxy service and the software to get comprehensive instructions. This configuration is essential to making sure that your web traffic is properly routed through the proxy server. It also allows the privacy and access advantages proxies are known for.

Tips for Maintaining Proxy Health

To ensure that your proxies are reliable and secure, frequent upkeep is essential. Examine the performance of your proxies to identify any issues with the speed or reliability as quickly as possible. Make sure to change your IP addresses frequently to lower the risk of detection and blocking by websites. Additionally, be mindful of the load you place on each proxy in order to prevent excessive usage, which can lead to decreased performance and even blacklisting. By implementing these strategies, you will be able to keep the health of your proxies and extend their value.

Troubleshooting common proxy issues

Even with careful setup and maintenance, you could be faced with issues such as slow connection speeds, having trouble accessing certain websites, or intermittent disconnects. They can be solved by switching to a new proxy server, changing the settings on your router you can clear your browser’s cache as well as cookies. If the problem persists then contacting the customer service department of your proxies provider will provide additional assistance and assistance in troubleshooting, so that you’re able to use your proxies effectively.

Proxy Use Cases

SEO, Digital Marketing and other digital marketing

Proxies provide a wealth of benefits to SEO professionals as well as digital marketers. They permit you to run competitor surveys, track results from search engines, and automate social-media activities without revealing their identity. By using proxy servers, marketers can simulate searches from different areas, determine the effectiveness in advertising campaigns across countries and make multiple individual online profiles to manage social media engagement and distribution, at the same time, ensuring privacy and not enforcing IP-based restrictions.

Market Research and Competitor Analysis

In today’s highly competitive business, being informed of trends in the market and strategies of competitors is vital. Proxies enable anonymous market research and scraping competitor websites, helping businesses gather crucial information without revealing their intentions or intentions. This enables companies to make better decisions, find new opportunities, and design strategies for gaining an edge.

Social Media Management

The administration the multiple profiles on social networks is an everyday practice for both agencies and companies trying to boost their online presence. Proxies are a secure and efficient method of managing this type of account, decreasing the chance of account suspensions or restrictions due to simultaneous access via one IP. This is particularly crucial for social media marketers and managers who rely on the capacity to create content, engage with followers, as well as monitor engagement across various platforms without interruption.

Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)

Content distribution networks depend on proxies to enhance the delivery speeds and the reliability of web content. With Taco Proxy CDNs can spread the requests of their users across multiple servers, thus reducing bandwidth bottlenecks and ensuring that content is delivered from the shortest or most efficient place. This not only improves the user experience by speeding up loading times but also offers a measure of security against DDoS attacks and different security threats.

Online Gaming

Many gamers use proxy websites to enhance their gaming experience, reduce latency, or access games or servers that could be blocked in their area. They also provide the additional protection of anonymity and security to shield gamers from harassment and possible attacks. Furthermore, proxies may be utilized to get around IP bans or restrictions placed by servers that play games giving players the ability to continue to play their games without interruption.

Legal and Ethical Concerns

Legal Framework

The use of proxy servers are beneficial in many ways, but they also have a number of disadvantages need to be managed within the boundaries of ethical and legal boundaries. The legality of proxy usage will differ depending on your country and specific online service terms of usage. It is essential for customers to be aware of the legal consequences of using proxies in their respective jurisdictions and for their intended purposes. Making sure your actions are legal will help avoid potential legal repercussions and promotes safe use of Internet resources.

Proxies that are ethically used during Business and Research

Although proxies are powerful tools for privacy and access but it is important to make use of them ethically especially in sensitive contexts like academic research and business intelligence. The ethical considerations are respecting copyright laws, avoiding unauthorised access to protected content, and taking data collection decisions in a way that doesn’t infringe on the privacy or rights of individuals. Respecting these ethical guidelines guarantees that proxy use contributes positively to your goals, without infringing on the rights or wellbeing of other individuals.

Legal Privacy Protection and Data Protection

In a time when privacy and security for data are of utmost importance It is crucial to contemplate the implications of proxy-based use on these aspects. People should be mindful of privacy laws and regulations for data protection particularly when dealing with personal data or doing activities that may compromise the privacy of other users. Selecting proxy providers that focus on privacy of the user and abide by lawful data protection regulations is essential in protecting personal information and ensuring trust in digital interactions.

The Future of Proxy Services

Emerging Trends in Proxy Technology

The realm of proxy technology is constantly changing, driven by developments that increase their functionality, speed and security. Innovative technologies such as IPv6 proxies which provide a wide pool of IP addresses, as well as AI-driven proxy rotation, which makes it easier to select the right proxies for specific purposes, represent examples of how this field is adapting to meet the increasing demands of users. These innovations will expand the capabilities of proxies as they become more efficient and effective instruments for navigating the intricacies of the internet.

Proxies’ role in IoT along with Smart Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand the role played by proxies in managing and securing the data of connected devices becomes increasingly important. Proxy services can facilitate the effective routing of IoT data, ensuring secure and anonymous communication between devices and servers. This is especially crucial since IoT devices multiply in homes, industries, and even in cities, creating massive quantities of information that require careful management to protect against insecure access and cyber attacks.

In the coming months, Internet users will experience changes in Privacy and Access

The changing nature of Internet security and privacy regulations presents issues and potential for future proxy solutions. While laws and guidelines change as do proxy technology, they must evolve to ensure they continue to offer users the ability to surf the internet at their own pace and in a secure manner. Being informed about legal and technological developments is vital for both users and service providers as they ensure that proxy technology remains a vital tool for online privacy, security and access in the months to follow.


Key Points Recap

The world that proxies play reveals their critical role in enhancing online security, privacy and access. From bypassing geo-restrictions, to helping with scraping of data and managing multiple websites, proxies offer several benefits that cater to a wide range of internet activities. The right choice of proxy provider and type, knowing the legal and ethical implications, and staying up to date with new trends are essential steps in leveraging the full potential of proxy servers.

Making a well-informed decision about purchasing proxy cards

Aware of the many aspects of proxy sites, their benefits and key considerations when choosing one with this information, you’re now able for making an educated decision one that matches your personal needs. For privacy reasons information, business intelligence, an exploration of technology, the choice to use a proxy has a huge impact on your online experience. Evaluate your requirements, ponder those aspects described in this guide and choose a proxy service that gives you the best combination of security, performance and affordability.

Recommendation to Stay Up-to-date on Proxy Technologies

As the online landscape continues to grow, so will the methods and policies that surround proxies. Keep abreast of the latest technological developments, legal aspects, and the best practices for proxy usage will ensure that you will continue to reap the benefits of these effective online tools. In embracing the new technologies as well as navigating the obstacles it is possible to reap the benefits that proxies offer, while also ensuring an unsecure, private, and free internet for the foreseeable future.

Proxy types
Price from
Bright Data
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public, Residential
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public, Residential
Free trial available
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public, Residential
Starting at $1.39
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public, Residential
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public, Residential
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public, Residential
2-day free trial
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public
Starting at $1.39
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public
HTTP, SOCKS5, Public
from $1 for 1 GB.


Bright Data

Go to website

  • Entry Level Price: $0
  • Industries: Marketing and Advertising, Computer Software
  • Market Segment: 61% Small-Business, 24% Mid-Market
Bright Data stands as the global leader in web data, proxies, and data scraping solutions. It serves as the backbone for Fortune 500 companies, academic entities, and small businesses alike, providing them with the tools, network, and solutions necessary to access vital public web data efficiently, reliably, and flexibly. This enables them to conduct research, monitor trends, analyze data, and make well-informed decisions. With a clientele of over 20,000 customers spanning almost every sector worldwide, Bright Data is the go-to resource for web data needs.

Proxy Routing 7
Proxy Rotation 8
Proxy Management 9
  • Extensive IP range, global coverage, reliable, advanced
  • Strong customer support and detailed documentation
  • Versatile for various use cases
  • High cost, less suitable for small-scale users
  • Interface complexity and learning curve
  • Some concerns over compliance and privacy policies


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  • Free trial available
  • Industries: Marketing and Advertising, Computer Software
  • Market Segment: 92% Small-Business, 7% Mid-Market
Sslprivateproxy is perhaps the most user-friendly way to access local data anywhere. It has global coverage with 195 locations and offers more than 40 million residential proxies worldwide. Round-the-clock tech support, different types of proxies, four scraping solutions, flexible payment methods, public API, and an easy-to-use dashboard are among the reasons why Sslprivateproxy has become one of the most trusted proxy providers in the market.

Proxy Routing 8
Proxy Rotation 8
Proxy Management 7
  • User-friendly, good for beginners, affordable
  • Decent IP pool, residential IPs
  • Good customer service
  • Limited features for advanced users
  • Occasional speed issues
  • Some concerns over session control


Go to website

  • Entry Level Price: Starting at $1.39
  • Industries: Computer Software, Information Technology and Services
  • Market Segment: 49% Small-Business, 38% Mid-Market
Smartdnsproxy is a leading platform for web intelligence gathering, earning the trust of over 2,000 global partners, among them numerous Fortune Global 500 firms, academic institutions, and research teams. It provides top-tier web data collection solutions, featuring proxy services, Scraper APIs, and pre-prepared datasets. Boasting a robust proxy network of over 102 million IPs across 195 countries, Smartdnsproxy offers one of the most dependable proxy infrastructures available in the industry.

Proxy Routing 8
Proxy Rotation 9
Proxy Management 8
  • Large IP pool, strong for scraping, reliable
  • Excellent uptime, diverse geographic coverage
  • Good for large-scale operations
  • Premium pricing
  • Complexity for beginners
  • Some reports of IPs getting blocked

  • Entry Level Price: $99.00
  • Industries: Marketing and Advertising, Information Technology and Services
  • Market Segment: 78% Small-Business, 16% Mid-Market
SOAX is a sophisticated platform for data collection, favored by top-tier companies for harvesting public web information. It is the go-to solution for businesses looking to enhance efficiency, cut expenses, and optimize their operations. SOAX provides a unique array of ethical proxy servers, a solution for unblocking websites, and APIs for web scraping. The proxy servers offered by SOAX are notable for their extraordinarily high success rates (99.55%), swift response times (0.55 seconds), and a low frequency of CAPTCHA prompts.

Proxy Routing 8
Proxy Rotation 9
Proxy Management 9
  • Flexible, easy-to-use, good for small to medium businesses
  • Clean rotating residential IPs
  • Responsive customer support
  • Higher pricing for advanced features
  • Limited IPs in certain regions
  • Some reports of inconsistent speeds


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  • Entry Level Price: Free
  • Industries: No information available
  • Market Segment: 50% Mid-Market, 50% Small-Business
Webshare stands at the forefront of legitimate enterprise proxy services, facilitating comprehensive data collection, aggregation, and analysis for businesses worldwide. From Fortune 500 corporations to independent consultants, a diverse range of clients depends on Webshare to ensure consistent access to vital services such as market research, price comparisons, data aggregation, malware analysis, and beyond.

Proxy Routing 7
Proxy Rotation 8
Proxy Management 9
  • Very affordable, suitable for personal use, easy to set up
  • Offers free proxies for testing
  • Decent speeds for entry-level users
  • Basic features, not for complex tasks
  • Smaller IP pool
  • Some reliability issues


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  • Entry Level Price: $1.99
  • Industries: Marketing and Advertising
  • Market Segment: 63% Small-Business, 30% Mid-Market
Infatica offers a worldwide proxy network, specializing in dependable Residential IPs aimed at supporting various business needs, including:
  • Price comparison: Conducting comparisons of prices from diverse user viewpoints, frequently for travel and specialized products.
  • Ad verification: Verifying that website advertisements are accurately targeted to the right audience, ensuring ad links work as expected, and confirming the ad environment is safe and complies with regulations.
  • Data collection: Extracting information from websites to create new data sets for internal purposes or for sale.
  • Fraud protection: Identifying and detecting known proxies to block malicious proxy usage against businesses.

Proxy Routing 7
Proxy Rotation 7
Proxy Management 8
  • Ethical IP sourcing, good global coverage
  • Diverse use cases, transparent policies
  • Continuous network growth
  • Newer, stability concerns
  • Customer support improvement needed
  • Limited advanced options for pros


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  • Entry Level Price: 2-day free trial
  • Industries: Marketing and Advertising
  • Market Segment: 53% Small-Business, 25% Mid-Market
Proxy-hub is renowned for its private datacenter proxies and also offers shared datacenter, residential, and ISP proxies, both static and rotating. This makes it an attractive option for clients of various sizes. The provider boasts a significant network of private datacenter proxies, featuring 300,000 IPs across nine ASNs, all hosted in its own data centers. Additionally, its peer-to-peer residential proxy network spans more than 150 countries. The shared proxies are available in three distinct styles: 1) a list of IPs shared across 11 countries, 2) ports that assign rotating IPs to each port, and 3) pool-based proxies available in the US.

Proxy Routing 7
Proxy Rotation 7
Proxy Management 7
  • Competitive pricing, good privacy features
  • Decent IP range, focus on security
  • Growing network and features
  • Less known, limited track record
  • Need for more features
  • Some user interface limitations


Go to website

  • Entry Level Price: Starting at $1.39
  • Industries: Information Technology and Services, Marketing and Advertising
  • Market Segment: 67% Small-Business, 18% Mid-Market
IPRoyal specializes in delivering top-tier proxy servers, encompassing residential, datacenter, ISP, mobile, and sneaker proxies, tailored for those who seek dependable and scalable online privacy solutions. Our commitment is to facilitate unhindered internet access for a myriad of applications, ensuring our proxies are a perfect match for tasks ranging from web scraping and social media management to brand protection, market research, and automation. We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding price-to-value ratio across all use cases. Our residential proxy network is meticulously constructed from the ground up, featuring genuine, ethically obtained IP addresses across 195 countries, with precise city-level targeting. We adopt a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model, complemented by non-expiring traffic, to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring they only pay for what they use without worrying about unused traffic.

Proxy Routing 9
Proxy Rotation 8
Proxy Management 8
  • Cost-effective, easy-to-use for small projects
  • Offers sneaker proxies, P2P residential IPs
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • Smaller network of IPs
  • Not for large-scale operations
  • Some reports of slow speeds


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  • Entry Level Price: $300.00
  • Industries: No information available
  • Market Segment: 60% Small-Business, 25% Mid-Market
NetNut stands out as the provider of the fastest residential proxies for companies and businesses, boasting a continuously expanding network of over 20 million residential IPs. Unique in its approach, NetNut sources its IPs directly from ISPs, presenting distinct advantages that set it apart from competitors:
  • A vast global network of over 20 million residential IPs, with options for worldwide targeting and specific city-state selection within the US.
  • Enhanced proxy speeds and direct one-hop connectivity to ISPs ensure faster data retrieval.
  • A mix of premium static and rotating residential IPs caters to various operational needs.
  • Guaranteed 24/7 availability of IPs for uninterrupted service.
  • Personalized support through a dedicated account manager.
  • Cost-effective pricing with competitive $/GB rates.
  • Unrestricted access to the entire web, including search engines, without the limitations associated with exit node connectivity.
  • Exceptionally low failure rates, ensuring reliable connections.
  • Customized proxy pools tailored to specific business requirements.
  • A hybrid P2P network architecture enhances scalability.
  • Immediate availability of US datacenter proxies for diverse application needs.
Residential proxies by NetNut use real residential IP addresses, making them virtually unblockable and ideal for a wide range of business applications.

Proxy Routing 7
Proxy Rotation 6
Proxy Management 7
  • Stable connections, high speed and performance
  • Direct ISP connections, reliable
  • Strong customer service
  • More expensive, enterprise-focused
  • Limited scalability for small users
  • Some geographic coverage gaps


Go to website

  • Entry Level Price: from $1 for 1 GB.
  • Industries: No information available
  • Market Segment: 40% Small-Business, 15% Mid-Market
Zenrows has been present in the market for several years, initially launching with a promising residential proxy service. However, despite its affordability, the service has remained relatively basic over time. The company offers a modest pool of 7 million residential IPs, but it's noteworthy that the actual number of unique IPs is significantly lower than one might expect from such a sizable network. This discrepancy suggests a higher likelihood of encountering duplicate proxies. For instance, Zenrows provided approximately 6,000 proxies in the US alone. Conversely, Zenrows demonstrates commendable infrastructure performance. Its residential proxies have outperformed competitors like NetNut and IPRoyal, offering unlimited threads and ensuring proxy rotation with every request.

Proxy Routing 6
Proxy Rotation 7
Proxy Management 6
  • Pay-as-you-go model, user-friendly for casual users
  • Good for small-scale projects
  • Responsive customer support
  • Limited high-demand features
  • Smaller IP network, performance issues
  • Limited targeting options

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What is a proxy server?

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer (or local network) and the internet. When you send a web request, it goes to the proxy server first, which then forwards the request to the web server. The response from the web server also goes through the proxy server to reach you. This process helps in hiding your IP address, filtering content, bypassing geographical restrictions, and enhancing security and privacy online.

What is a reverse proxy?

A reverse proxy sits in front of one or more web servers, intercepting requests from the internet before they reach the servers. It can serve several purposes: load balancing, where it distributes incoming requests to prevent any single server from becoming overloaded; SSL encryption, where it handles HTTPS requests on behalf of the web servers; caching content to improve load times; and providing additional security and anonymity for backend servers.

What is a proxy statement?

A proxy statement is a document that a publicly traded company is required to send to its shareholders, containing information about the matters to be discussed at an annual shareholder meeting, including elections for the board of directors, financial performance, and other company proposals. It is often accompanied by a proxy form, allowing shareholders to vote without being physically present at the meeting.

What is a proxy bid?

A proxy bid is a feature commonly used in online auctions that allows a bidder to set a maximum bid amount for an item. The auction system then automatically bids on behalf of the bidder, up to their maximum limit, in response to other bids. This ensures the bidder remains the highest bidder until their maximum amount is exceeded, without requiring them to manually monitor and update their bid.

What is an open proxy?

An open proxy is a proxy server that is accessible by any internet user. Generally, proxy servers are configured to only allow connections from certain networks or IP addresses. However, an open proxy accepts connections from any user on the internet, making it a tool for anonymity but also a potential risk for abuse, such as for sending spam or conducting unauthorized activities.

How to use a proxy?

To use a proxy, you typically need to configure your web browser or application with the proxy server's IP address and port number. This can usually be done in the settings or preferences menu of the browser or application. Some proxies may require authentication (username and password). Once configured, your web traffic will be routed through the proxy server. For specific instructions, refer to the documentation of your browser or application, as the process may vary.

What is HTTP proxy?

An HTTP proxy is a type of proxy server that is designed specifically to handle HTTP requests, which are the foundation of web browsing. It facilitates the process of retrieving data from the internet by forwarding web requests from clients and then returning the web server's response back to the clients. HTTP proxies can help improve web browsing speed through caching, provide additional privacy and security, and allow for web content filtering and bypassing geographical restrictions.

Proxy prices


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"As a developer working on data scraping projects, the quality and reliability of proxy servers are paramount. This aggregator site has exceeded my expectations in both aspects. I've been able to access a diverse pool of proxies, which has significantly reduced the chances of getting banned or encountering blocked requests. The speed and anonymity provided have been excellent, enabling me to gather data efficiently and securely. The platform's ease of use and the responsive support team have made my experience even more positive. I'm very satisfied with the service."

Jessica Torres (Rating: 4.9/5)
"Working in digital content creation, I often need proxies to check my content's visibility across different regions. This proxy server aggregator has been a fantastic resource. The selection of proxies is vast and varied, catering to all my needs. I was particularly impressed with how easy it was to switch between different proxies without experiencing any downtime or significant speed loss. The reliability and performance of these proxies have helped me refine my content strategy with real-world data. I'm very pleased with the service and will continue to use it for my projects."


Proxy Statements

Federal Front Door

How people use proxies to interact with the federal government

Guidelines for fact-specific proxies (U.S. Department of the Treasury)

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  1. I’m always in search of tools that can enhance our operations, especially in terms of security and global accessibility. This proxy server aggregator has been a fantastic find. The quality and reliability of the service have been consistently top-notch, enabling our team to access and manage our online resources securely from various global locations. The interface is intuitive, making it easy for my team to find and deploy the proxies we need without a steep learning curve. It’s rare to find a service that meets so many of our needs so well.

  2. I work in digital marketing, and proxies are a critical tool for SEO and competitor analysis. This aggregator platform has made it incredibly easy to access a diverse range of proxies tailored to various geographical locations, which is crucial for accurate data collection. The proxies are of high quality, reducing the likelihood of being blocked or detected. The interface is intuitive, and managing my proxies has been hassle-free. The customer service team deserves a shoutout for their prompt assistance whenever needed. This service has become an invaluable asset to my toolkit.

  3. Michael Roberts

    Navigating through the maze of proxy services has always been a challenge, but this proxy server aggregator has simplified everything for me. The selection of proxies is vast, and I was particularly impressed by how easy it was to find proxies that suited my specific needs for web scraping. The speeds are fantastic, and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in captcha challenges, thanks to the quality of the IPs provided. Customer support has been responsive and helpful, guiding me through the setup process. Highly recommended for anyone looking for reliable proxy services.

  4. As a SEO specialist, accessing accurate search engine results from different locations is crucial for my analyses. This proxy server aggregator has made a noticeable difference in the quality and efficiency of my work. The proxies are fast, reliable, and, most importantly, secure. I’ve been able to conduct more accurate and comprehensive research for my clients, thanks to the broad selection of proxies from various regions. Additionally, the platform is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to find and manage the proxies I need. The customer service is also commendable; they’ve been very helpful whenever I’ve needed assistance. I’m thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the service.

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